The Wallet Object

Wallets can be created freely within Different wallets provide for both organization and security.

Wallet Object Response
"id": "wal_czDztN5eJ4r5sJ",
"created_at": 1577600922,
"updated_at": 1577600922,
"user_label": "DEFAULT WALLET",
"balance": 1000,
"statusType": {
"id": 200,
"type": "wallet",
"name": "active",
"display_name": "Active"

Wallet Access Keys (WAK) implements a role-based access control system. Each wallet has keys associated with it that can be used to do access certain functions. These keys are used in most wallet functions. The keys are generated on wallet create via the API or dashboard. They are only available via the API in the response from wallet create

You should see a table similar to the one below in your wallet dashboard. Note the wa wi wr prefixes


Wallet Access Key (WAK)

Wallet Admin


Wallet Invoice


Wallet Read


Wallet LNURL Withdraw

They key prefixes were changed 2020/23/02 to better describe them.

Example: wi to waki Wallet ID: w_ to wal_