LNPay Docs

How to Authenticate

You can authenticate via the LNPay.co API in multiple methods. This is provided so you can implement in whatever way is easiest for the device/platform you are working on. No particular method is preferred over the other at this point.
The docs use the HTTP Basic Authentication method

Get API Key

Login to https://lnpay.co and your API Key can be found here: https://lnpay.co/developers/dashboard

HTTP Header Authentication

X-Api-Key header can be used to authenticate
$ curl -H "X-Api-Key: sak_XXXXXXX" \

Query String Authentication

You can authenticate by passing the parameter access-token in the URL as a query string parameter.
$ curl https://lnpay.co/v1/wallets?access-token=sak_XXXXXXX

HTTP Basic Authentication

Basic authentication is also supported
# NOTE: the colon below prevents curl from asking for password
$ curl -u sak_XXXXXXX: \
# NOTE: you must base64 encode sak_XXXXXXX: when using raw authentication header
$ curl -H 'Authorization: Basic cGFrX08waVVNeGs4a0tfcVV6a1Q0WUtGdnAxWnNVdHA6' \